Here’s a mini epic Red Dot Digital produced for ADL.

Alexander Dennis Ltd are a hugely successful British bus manufacturer, and operate on a true global scale.
In 2012 they announced not only a major new model, but also a completely new manufacturing process to produce it. Under the banner MMC (Major Model Change), they were to develop a completely new vehicle, to replace their own current market leader.

For ADL, the all-new Enviro400 would be a game changer, re designed from the ground up.
Red Dot Digital was asked to follow the process. Not so much about the nuts and bolts, but more about another essential part of the design – the views of the customers.

This bus was designed entirely for the customer. “Walking in the customers shoes” is a well worn cliché these days, but that is exactly what ADL did. During a series of unique customer sessions around the country, the people who buy and operate the buses were invited to sit and explain in never ending detail, exactly what they wanted in a new vehicle. Everything from the drivers coat hook to the new heating and cooling system, the re-designed staircase to the wiring harnesses – there were over 200 improvements listed.

At these sessions ADL would sit, listen, discuss and then go away, develop and build it. The customers were delighted. They were having a major say in the design of their bus.

The cameras of Red Dot Digital were invited to follow this process throughout from the beginning. We listened to the sessions and spoke with the customers. We saw the designing, the mock-ups, the testing and eventually the actual launch at ADL’s new Larbert facility.

Red Dot Digital produced this programme in association with John Broadley of BHA, and thanks must go to ADL’s CEO Colin Robertson for his vision, and allowing RDD the freedom to attend the meetings and gain access to the clients.

Thanks must also go to the driving force of the entire video and launch project Director of Corporate Communications Bill Simpson, and Marketing Services and Events Manager Caroline Lee who co-ordinated a very complex shooting schedule.

The CGI was produced at Mediasphere, and the narration was provided by the brilliant Andrew Brittain

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