Ride the Lights

The best way to see the Blackpool Illuminations – for all of us athletes.
Every August for one night before the big switch on, cyclists are given the freedom of the prom to view the lights. A six mile jolly jaunt and then re-fuel at Seniors chippy… magic.
Another great opportunity to brighten up my blog.

All filmed on the GoPro @1fps.
Music, as you would expect, is Queen : Bicycle

Cruise Scandinavia in a Jiffy

Recently went on my holidays, a short cruise up to Scandinavia – yes it was lovely thanks ….
I have a bit of a geeky interest in time-lapse as mentioned in the previous post, so I took some small bits of kit with me and decided to play around and record some pieces.

We sailed from Southampton aboard the Caribbean Princess which was amazing, sailing to Zeebrugge, Copenhagen, Helsingborg and Oslo. This isn’t a travel guide in anyway, so don’t come back complaining you haven’t seen the little mermaid, or there’re no tips on how to buy a beer for less than 8 quid. It was purely me messing about on a boat, albeit a very big one.

It was all mainly shot on the Go-Pro @ 1FPS. I really wanted to capture the movement of the ship in and around the ports in wide angle, even though we only visited 4 , and one of those was via tender. Also just being a passenger with limited access and no filming clearance, I was restricted to where I could put the camera – hence not many internals. Anyway I’ve put it all together with a nice bit of Bach, it’s only a minute and a half – I would have liked to experiment further – but I was on me hols …

Music Bach – Invention No.8

Hello Everyone!

A historical day. The sun is shining, England have won Euro 2012, and I’ve just done my first ever Blog.
Of course only one of the above is true.

I’ve got a great new website www.reddotdigital.co.uk though you probably knew that already. It was produced by the amazing and very patient team at CurlyKale in Preston, and I’ve been advised to drag myself kicking and screaming into the wonderful world of blogging and social networking – I’m even on Twitter, for goodness sake.
Hopefully more fantastic nuggets to follow – though how I’m going to top this one I don’t know.

Cheers all
John @ Red Dot