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A shiny new website


I certainly didn’t set out to create a new website. That was a job I’d been putting off for a while …well it’s one of those arduous tasks isn’t it. Many of us spend our days promoting and creating ‘artistic’ visual content for clients, but when it comes to doing our own stuff, we suddenly find ourselves staring blankly into space and scratching our heads. All I’d really wanted was a new page.

I produce a lot of induction and safety films for industrial clients, and I decided I needed a page to reflect that side of my business. I thought a new dedicated web page focussing squarely at safety training and H&S would do the trick. So I contacted my favourite web man – Foamshore – to ask if he could create a new page for me.

The problem he explained is as everything is template based, adding just a single page wouldn’t be straightforward. The best solution would be a complete refresh of the site, create a new safety page as required, add a few new images, an update in style and Bob’s your uncle. So began a few weeks of nicking  ideas, buying new iStock images, writing new text and batting suggestions back and forth with the very patient Adam until we got it right. The big breakthrough for me was video content. Again I’d avoided showreels for so long, but I knew deep down that it was something I had to face up to … and so I shall write a future Blog all about the endeavours of producing your own showreel – after a 30 years of pretending I didn’t need one.

Oh, and that’s another first. Blogging. What the hell am I doing blogging about stuff ? Adam and other experts (hi Richard) have always extolled the virtues of regular blogging – keep your audience engaged and keep your website refreshed so the Google spiders (or whatever) can find stuff on your site and help it up the rankings (I’ve no idea what I’m talking about, please feel free to advise).

So, if you’re new, welcome to my new site, enjoy the video content, and thanks for reading the first of a more frequent blog

John @ Red Dot