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First Essex unveil a rebranded airport route

I seem to spend much of my time chasing buses, but with this project it wasn’t so much the bus that was important, but the route it took.

Built by Alexander Dennis Ltd, 12 brand new single deck Enviro200 buses have been introduced by First Essex and Stansted Airport investing £1.9m to improve the journey between the airport and South Essex.

The X10 and X30 enjoy features, such as leather seats, USB Charging and free Wi-Fi. The service will also benefit from eye-catching livery designed by JRBuzz.

Working with Adam from First Essex and Paula from JRBuzz, we shot the whole thing in one day (bar a bit of livery timelapse), and managed to choose the one gloriously sunny November day, in what appeared to be the Essex rainy season.
We needed a dramatic sunrise as an opener, and no we didn’t use any Caribbean stock footage, that really is Southend Pier (at about 6.45am – and probably minus °2).

Thanks to First Essex, JRBuzz and ADL for their help, and also to Stansted Airport and the very pleasant though heavily tooled up security men who decided not to arrest us with our cameras …